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May 22, 2011

New waters

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As of today, I'm moving my blog from `zblog' to `ikiwiki'. The new atom feed
URI is http://bewatermyfriend.org/index.atom. Please update your feed reader
if you want to continue reading this blog.

The old blog will still be available as http://bewatermyfriend.org/oldblog.html.

May 07, 2011


Filed under: computer -- 12:40

(letrec ((f(lambda(n)(if(= n 0)1(* n(f(- n 1)))))))(f 666))
=> 1010632056840781493390822708129876451757582398324145411340420807357413802103697022989202806801491012040989802203557527039339704057130729302834542423840165856428740661530297972410682828699397176884342513509493787480774903493389255262878341761883261899426484944657161693131380311117619573051526423320389641805410816067607893067483259816815364609828668662748110385603657973284604842078094141556427708745345100598829488472505949071967727270911965060885209294340665506480226426083357901503097781140832497013738079112777615719116203317542199999489227144752667085796752482688850461263732284539176142365823973696764537603278769322286708855475069835681643710846140569769330065775414413083501043659572299454446517242824002140555140464296291001901438414675730552964914569269734038500764140551143642836128613304734147348086095123859660926788460671181469216252213374650499557831741950594827147225699896414088694251261045196672567495532228826719381606116974003112642111561332573503212960729711781993903877416394381718464765527575014252129040283236963922624344456975024058167368431809068544577258472983979437818072648213608650098749369761056961203791265363665664696802245199962040041544438210327210476982203348458596093079296569561267409473914124132102055811493736199668788534872321705360511305248710796441479213354542583576076596250213454667968837996023273163069094700429467106663925419581193136339860545658673623955231932399404809404108767232000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

Yes, it's the factorial of the beast.


Oh, actually... you could write this shorter using a "named let":

(let f((n 666))(if (= n 0)1(* n (f (- n 1)))))

May 02, 2011

zsh: programmierbares globbing

Filed under: computer -- 20:30

Mika fragte neulich, ob zsh-Globbing es zuläßt Dateien *.foo auszuwählen zu
denen keine *.bar Datei existiert. Klar gibt's das.

% touch abc.{foo,bar} def.foo
% print -l *.foo(e,'[[ ! -e ${REPLY:r}.bar ]]',)

Nun mag man sagen, daß das häßlich ist und niemand das tippen wollen
würde. Da stimme ich zu. Geht auch kürzer.

Bei Mika ging es darum .changes Dateien zu finden, zu denen es keine .upload
Datei gibt. Debian Kram. Wissenschon. Da kann dann zu einer Datei
`foo.changes' zum Beispiel eine Datei `foo.ftp-master.upload' gehören.

% function MC() {
[[ \! -e ${REPLY:r}.${MTAG-ftp-master.}${MSUFF:-upload} ]] ]]
% print -l *.changes(+MC)

Das ganze ist über `$MTAG' und `$MSUFF' konfigurierbar. Standardmäßig ist
ersteres "ftp-master." und letzteres "upload". Mit anderen Worten: Würde man

% MTAG=''
% print -l *.changes(+MC)

...machen, würden alle "*.changes" gelistet zu denen es kein "*.upload"
gibt. Analog kann man nun MTAG="ftp-slave." setzen wenn man nach "*.changes"
suchen will für die "*.ftp-slave.upload" nicht existiert.

Das sollte einmal einen Startpunkt in diese Art von Globbing sein. Man passe
das an, bis es einem gefällt. Dokumentiert ist das ganze in `zshexpn(1)'.
Man suche mal nach "+nt" (je nach $PAGER wird man das `+' escapen müssen).

April 14, 2011

More renaming

Filed under: computer -- 08:25

Here's yet another public service announcement...

I've registered arename with ohloh.net. Feel free to submit a rating and hit
the "I use this" button if you do. Oh, and also: There is a tarball up for
arename v4.0-rc0 at the github download page
(if you're not so much into VCS

April 12, 2011

arename 4.0-rc0

Filed under: computer -- 21:55

Hey there, dear target audience!

It's been quite some time since the last arename release. Version 3.0 was
released about one and half years ago. And it has seen only a small number of
minor fixes that led to v3.1 a few months later. 3.0 was a quick jump from
2.0 because of broken backwards compatibility.

And again, the upcoming release is going to be a major release for the very
same reason. It is going to be version 4.0. And I've just tagged a commit as
release candidate #0.

Now I call upon my fierce two-person user base to give the new code a
serious spin! Try to break it. Find problems when upgrading. Tell me.

There is an UPDATING file included now, which will document known
incompatibilities between major versions. Make *sure* you read it. Also,
there is a REPORTING_BUGS document, which outlines some instructions for
reporting bugs. Make sure you follow those when reporting anything.

I've enabled the issue tracker for arename at github a while back. I don't
know how well that one works. So consider this a trail run. If it turns out
to be a pile of horse crap, I'll just disable it again.

FWIW, I'm using the current code pretty much exclusively. It appears to work
fairly well so far, even though the code underwent quite substantial changes.
Take a look at the CHANGES file for new and changed features; and as I said,
tell me about anything that breaks for you.

There is no date set for the final release. And even though this is a release
candidate, I would not be against adding yet another entirely awesome
feature. I won't be rushing this.

March 31, 2011

Excavation site

Filed under: computer -- 10:39

Yesterday evening I committed a new backend for vcs_info, which adds support
for the fossil scm. That increases the number of supported version control
systems to a dozen (plus support for quilt). Yay!

The fossil support was added by Mike Meyer. Thanks to him!

I added a few minor enhancements to vcs_info, as well. But that's for another

Oh, and also: Hey Planet Grml! :-)

March 03, 2011

Schimpfwort des Tages #0

Filed under: news -- 16:03

Armes-Deutschland-Rufer! (...und -Schreiber und -Sager und ...)

Wer kennt sie nicht. :)

February 24, 2011

arename4 preview

Filed under: computer -- 11:14

A few weeks ago, I've started to work on arename again. Since then, I've tagged
two preview "releases" (v4.0-pre0 and v4.0-pre1). These are mainly for people
who would like to take an early look at arename4's major changes.

First and foremost, that would be the big change in backend land. In earlier
versions, arename used three different backends to gather information from mp3
files, ogg and flac files. With arename4 that changes entirely. The new version
uses Audio::Scan, which is able to work with many file formats on its own. That
simplifies the way arename fetches information, which has a positive impact on
code complexity. Audio::Scan is not available in debian yet. But I've been told
it is being worked on.

From the user's point of view, that breaks the old hook API, since there were
a number of file-type specific hooks. They are not needed anymore and were
therefore removed. The other impact for the user is that arename now supports
many more file formats than before. See the manual for details.

The second big change is the introduction of more complex expressions in
templates. Again, there are corner cases, in which this change may introduce
backwards compatibility issues. Though, with "normal, non-constructed
templates, that shouldn't be the case. Again, consult the manual for details.

Because of the fundamental changes described above, breaking backwards
compatibility was inevitable. It is the main reason the upcoming release will
be yet another major version release.

Feel free to try arename4 today (I'm using v4.0-pre1 exclusively). But please
be extra-careful and make sure you're using the `--dryrun' option a lot, to
avoid surprises. If you find anything unusual or even bugs, please tell me.

Please do not use the preview releases of arename4 as a drop-in replacement for
arename3. There is no documentation for upgrading yet. So just don't do that.

Grinsen 2.0

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Oh Boy... [Quelle]

February 06, 2011


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January 14, 2011

Congenital Abnormality 2.0

Filed under: news -- 12:44

Gerade bei fefe gesehen. Aus einem Interview des Tagesspiegels mit der WDR
Intendantin, die zum Jahreswechsel den ARD Vorsitz übernommen hat... Es prangt
der Titel "Die ARD steht für eine Allianz gegen Google bereit". Fantastisch!

Geht aber noch weiter mit "Den Geburtsfehler des Internets - kostenlose
Inhalte - zu beseitigen ist aber schwierig und langwierig."; Keine weiteren
Fragen, euer Ehren. :)

January 10, 2011


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Wer hat eigentlich das Gerücht in die Welt gesetzt, daß man sich im
Urlaub erholen würde? So ein Quatsch. Echt.

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