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April 12, 2011

arename 4.0-rc0

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Hey there, dear target audience!

It's been quite some time since the last arename release. Version 3.0 was
released about one and half years ago. And it has seen only a small number of
minor fixes that led to v3.1 a few months later. 3.0 was a quick jump from
2.0 because of broken backwards compatibility.

And again, the upcoming release is going to be a major release for the very
same reason. It is going to be version 4.0. And I've just tagged a commit as
release candidate #0.

Now I call upon my fierce two-person user base to give the new code a
serious spin! Try to break it. Find problems when upgrading. Tell me.

There is an UPDATING file included now, which will document known
incompatibilities between major versions. Make *sure* you read it. Also,
there is a REPORTING_BUGS document, which outlines some instructions for
reporting bugs. Make sure you follow those when reporting anything.

I've enabled the issue tracker for arename at github a while back. I don't
know how well that one works. So consider this a trail run. If it turns out
to be a pile of horse crap, I'll just disable it again.

FWIW, I'm using the current code pretty much exclusively. It appears to work
fairly well so far, even though the code underwent quite substantial changes.
Take a look at the CHANGES file for new and changed features; and as I said,
tell me about anything that breaks for you.

There is no date set for the final release. And even though this is a release
candidate, I would not be against adding yet another entirely awesome
feature. I won't be rushing this.

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