After being the most horrible package maintainer imaginable for at least the past two years, I've been putting some work into the Debian package for the MRA/MDA combination that is fdm. That package now captures a new version control snapshot from upstream (releases happen seldom, the project is pretty much in maintenance only mode), that fixes a couple of things and adds some features, like being able to use SSL with Google's IMAP without turning off all kinds of verifications.

I've been using different iterations of the new package for a while now and am experiencing zero issues in day to day use. So even though this is the first package update in a while, and a couple of things (like the build system) have changed upstream; I'm fairly confident this is an improvement over the previous versions of the Debian package.

Internally, the packaging is pretty much a complete rewrite. It uses modern debhelper features and implements pretty much all items on Debian's wish list (like machine readable debian/copyright format and stuff like that).

Thanks go out to Axel, who patiently reviewed my changes and helped me get this package out of the door before buster goes into freeze. This update would not have happened without him.

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