I've been lazy on the arename side of things. Life. Jobs. And lots of other interests… But I guess about five and a half years is a good a time as any to release another version.

This version is mostly a bugfix release, but it also contains one major change in the way that add-on code is handled. Previously, the idea was to copy and paste stuff from examples to .arename.hooks. It was a bad idea from the start but that's how it is with programs that start out as a quick hack.

Anyway. Starting with v4.1, all previous examples (and one or the other new one) are now bundled with arename as Perl modules in the ARename::… name space. All of them contain fairly complete documentation, which users can access using perldoc:

% perldoc ARename::ReplaceSpaces

Using them is straight forward:

use ARename::ReplaceSpaces;

The new EXTENSIONS section in the manual (man arename) briefly describes the included add-ons; and the full details are available — as mentioned above — via perldoc.

Something else that sucks a little is that github removed a feature from their service in the meantime, that allowed projects to upload tar-balls for releases. That is gone entirely, which breaks arename releases a little bit. Previously, I would generate tarballs that contained pre-build modules, manual pages etc… that's gone now, so though luck.

If you are a distributor in need of such a tarball do make release to get a tarball named arename-4.1.tar.gz.

In the future, I might include a VERSION file as a fallback for when the project is not built from a git repository. That would make automatically generated tarballs from release tags via github's web interface more useful, I guess. But for now, that's what it is.

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