I'm a bit of a fan of Hewlett-Packard. Mainly for their excellent hand-held calculators and for their equally awesome laboratory equipment, like function generators, oscilloscopes and signal analyzers. And they were known for their quality. In 1999 it was decided to throw away that good name and move all non-computing products to a spin-off company called “Agilent”. And by now, that name basically rings as well as the old HP one.

But guess what, someone with Agilent seems to have run weary of that name as well: I was looking for Agilent's entry level oscilloscopes and couldn't find any with the usual distributors. What came up were scopes by a company called “Keysight”. I was like “Wat. Are those knock-offs!?” - But no. That company is a spin-off off of Agilent, that takes care of the electronic measurement products. Meh.

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