Always. Right? RIGHT!?

Neil Young must have thought something along those lines when he started developing pono.

Audio sampled using 24Bit resolution at 192kHz is indeed more. But is it better? Better for audio playback than, say, 16Bit resolution at 44.1kHz (you know, like on regular compact discs)? You won't trust me anyway, so let me link you to an article by Christopher Montgomery of, who has much more expertise regarding this topic than I will ever have anyway: 24/192 Music Downloads ...and why they make no sense

The short answer is:

Why push back against 24/192? Because it's a solution to a problem that
doesn't exist, a business model based on willful ignorance and scamming

That punchline is actually rather boring compared to the rest of the article's content, since he completely dismantles all the talking points that proponents of 192/24 usually present. If you thought $400 for a pono sounds like a bargain considering those figures, please do read it before you place yourself onto the preorder list. Samplerate and resolution are not the issue.

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