I just released version 4.0 of arename, your friendly neighbourhood audio file batch renaming application.

The highlights of this release are a new audio file handling backend, which allows for many more supported file formats, a new template parser which implements a much more powerful template syntax and an rewritten output system with clearer semantics and support for colourful output (which can be deactivated if so desired). In other words, the three most integral parts of the program have been entirely redone. This could not be done, without breaking some backward compatibility. This is why this release took so long and is a major version update.

I've gone into some detail about those before, so I won't do it again.

I've let arename v4.0 run across my 170GiB of audio files and it behaved exactly as expected. If you should run into any problems, then you'll be happy to hear that this is also the first release with an enabled bug tracker.

Here are a number of direct links to help you along:

If Maximilian finds the time, then - who knows - maybe this release will hit Debian and Ubuntu servers soon. They're currently stuck with version `3.1'.


I have already merged the latest work (the `extensions' branch) into the `master' branch of the repository. It implements extensions as Perl modules and is supposed to streamline the idea of minimising the changes to the core module `ARename.pm'. So, if you're interested in that, try the master branch.

It'll let you do the following in your `hooks' file to enable replacing spaces with underscores, for example:

use ARename::RemoveSpaces;
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