It's been a while since the last release. And that release contained a few nasty bugs. Although those were fixed in the debian package of zsh, I'm happy to see 4.3.12 being finally released.

I've already got a patch queued up for after the release. It's a major update for vcs_info's bzr backend from Jan Pobrislo, which I really didn't want to put in shortly before 4.3.12 without any prior testing. But I'll apply that as soon as the release is done.

With my debian hat on, I'm also looking forward to this quite a lot. Since "the team" took charge we changed the workflow a bit. And that doesn't quite work with the 4.3.11 tarball that's in the debian archive. And it's a bitch to replace that, so we didn't do that and shoehorned that into our workflow. That was painful enough for us to look forward for this new release to happen.

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