I have just switched my blog to use `ikiwiki' instead of `zblog'. The reasons for that are numerous. The most striking one is that ikiwiki is better from a technical point of view. It scales way better and has less bugs. Also, when I hit a bug in ikiwiki, I got people to run to and cry like a baby. With zblog, I had to fix things myself. Which is obviously unacceptable. ;)

Also, zblog was designed for a different purpose. Back then, I wanted a blog, that was controlable purely via email. I don't need that anymore. Actually, I don't want that anymore. Among other things, it made blogging a little clumsy. I wrote a few functions for emacs which make adding a new posting very quick. So that's better already right now, as I'm typing this. And I'm typing markdown, not a snippet of xhtml. As I said, it's much better.

Anyway. The old blog is available as http://bewatermyfriend.org/oldblog.html. It will remain the way it was. The old links should be intact, too. The old atom link will be kept intact, too. But it won't be updated. The new atom feed is at http://bewatermyfriend.org/index.atom. And there will be per-tag feeds like scheme. I don't know if that's useful, but I get that from ikiwiki for free.

I'll probably play with the style sheet a little more to make the website prettier (for my definition of pretty, obviously) - but I'm almost happy with it already.

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